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Smart Science

Never Have Bad Breath

Other mouthwash brands want you to believe that germs alone create bad breath.
SmartMouth fights the real cause of bad breath: sulfur. Find out how.

Smart Technology, Blocking Sulfur Gas

SmartMouth Mouthwash works longer than other mouthwashes because you activate it right before rinsing, combining the two solutions as you pour. This releases an abundance of zinc ions, which are the key to eliminating and blocking sulfur gas – the real cause of bad breath.

Killing germs alone is not enough to eliminate bad breath for more than an hour or so. Long-lasting fresh breath requires smarter technology.

Two Solutions Working Together

Sulfur Eliminating Solution

Eliminates the existing sulfur gas in your mouth, the real cause of bad breath.

Activating Solution

Releases zinc ions that prevent sulfur production in the mouth for the next 12 hours.

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I was always embarassed about my halitosis, but after using SmartMouth, I finally have my life back.

George T.

New York, NY

I won't buy anything without thoroughly researching it. SmartMouth proved to be the best product for my needs.

Amanda S.

San Diego, CA

This product is amazing! I rinse before bed, and my morning breath is a thing of the past!

Charlene W.

Grand Rapids, MI

I’m too busy to think about every purchase I make, but you definitely get what you pay for with this product.

Robert R.

Tuscon, AZ

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