About Us

Triumph Pharmaceuticals, Inc., manufactures and markets SmartMouth premium branded oral rinses, toothpaste and mints through national retailers and online. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, we have specialized in bad breath prevention since 1993 when our founder, Dr. Marvin Cohen, recognized the need for a real solution to bad breath.

A caring dentist, successful entrepreneur and all-around great human being, Dr. Cohen was also a leading authority on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis who brought many years of research and study into the development of our SmartMouth products and the science behind them. He was the author of 13 published research projects as well as a popular lecturer around the world. He quite literally wrote the book on halitosis, as the author of the bad breath (halitosis) section of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1998 Medical Edition.

Dr. Cohen's vast knowledge of the subject of bad breath led him to understand that most fresh breath products only provide temporary solutions because they ignore the underlying cause of bad breath – sulfur gas. SmartMouth's revolutionary and patented zinc ion technology is different because it immediately eliminates* the sulfur gas that causes bad breath and prevents it from forming again for 12 hours. Expanding on technology originally created by Dr. Israel Kleinberg, chairman of oral biology and pathology at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, we now share this breakthrough technology with the world through our SmartMouth brand of bad breath prevention products with the ultimate goal to ensure people “never have bad breath.”

Meet Our Team

SM Team AB

Andy Burch

Chief Executive Officer

Our fearless leader and the heart and soul of the brand, Andy took the reins from his late father-in-law and SmartMouth founder, Dr. Marvin Cohen, and has continued to build on Dr. Cohen’s success. When not leading the SmartMouth team, this father of four daughters can be found coaching soccer, tailgating at Mizzou or growing prize-winning veggies in his garden.

SM Team JB

Jay Baum

Chief Operating Officer

A jack-of-all-trades, Jay oversees operations at SmartMouth. He’s been with the company since the very beginning, there’s not much he hasn’t done here. He builds and sustains the relationships with our key current and future partners.

SM Team BD

Brent Dellay

Chief Business Development Officer

Responsible for R&D, quality control and new product development, Brent’s the guy who listens to customer feedback and works tirelessly to improve our products. He attacks product development with good humor, perseverance and ingenuity, skills that served him well through deployments in Kuwait and Afghanistan as a first sergeant in the Illinois Army National Guard. We’re glad he’s on our side.

SM Team DB

David Biernbaum

Director of Business Strategy

Consumer goods guru and marketing and retail sales visionary. Passionate brand champion with years of retail placement success under his belt. David’s persistence and expertise has led SmartMouth to national success with retailers like Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. Always making things happen, David is never far from his laptop, iPhone or Starbucks. Double espresso.

SM Team BP

Becky Pagel

Director of Public Relations

Content creator and messaging maven, Becky is charged with getting the SmartMouth story out there for all to hear. And what a great story it is! A little bit of quirk with a lot of science, it’s all about zinc ions activating to fight an epic battle with sulfur gas in your mouth. Don’t worry – it all ends with fresh, clean breath, all day long. Now that’s a happy ending.

SM Team RK

Ron Kappauff

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

The glue that holds the team together, a rock in the midst of change, a lighthouse in the storm, well, you get the idea. Ron is the details guy behind SmartMouth’s success – the one who makes all the marketing magic happen. He keeps everyone focused and on task, while always maintaining the big picture view of success, as well as the roadmap to get there.

SM Team BF

Barbara Flier

Vice President of Accounting

In the world of credits and debits and general ledgers, Barbara is a rock star. Responsible for monitoring the bottom line, she makes sure the money goes in and out at the right time to the right places. A little known fact – she’s a closet techie who is often called upon to help her coworkers navigate in the computer age. Pretty fly for a bean-counter!

SM Team SL

Susie Levinson

Customer Service Coordinator

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Susie is the voice of our brand. As customer service coordinator, she takes calls and answers emails from our customers and vendors. Her favorite part of the job? Connecting with people and making them happy. What can we say? She’s the perfect person for this job. Call her today and see for yourself at (314) 995-3090.



SM Team EH

Emily Haas

Operations Manager

Without Emily, we’d all have bad breath, because she’s the one in charge of making sure our products get created and into the hands of our customers by scheduling production, shipping and inventory of all SmartMouth-branded products. After a day of logistics at the office, Emily likes to go home and rock out on the bass in her all-girl rock band, the Matilda’s.

SM Logo

SM Team CT

Cade Thornton

Supply Chain Coordinator

Quiet and reserved, with a sneaky sense of humor, Cade is our newest team member. Since coming aboard, he has assumed responsibility for accounts payable and receivable, which provides a big assist to the accounting department. Cade appreciates the friendly work environment at SmartMouth, but looks forward to the day when he’s no longer the “new guy.”



Triumph Pharmaceuticals Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” ~Henry Ford

Triumph Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to diversity and inclusivity within our company, customers and partners, as we pursue our business goals and seek to provide consumers with the best products possible. We do not discriminate against any genders, races, faiths or beliefs. We do not condone bullying or bigotry, and stand against injustice, while also recognizing and celebrating personal freedom and accountability. As a lean company, we hire the best people for each job, and actively seek different voices, backgrounds and worldviews to ensure we work together to produce, market and sell our products successfully.