Bad Breath Can Ruin Your Whole Life!

Having halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, can have many consequences. Whether it is medical issues or social situations that are affected by your bad breath, there are no positives to having halitosis. Unless of course, you are trying to upset that special someone on a date night, which we hope isn’t the case!

A Few Consequences of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

  1. First Impressions: Every office or place of business has unique employees with different interests. There is the sports guy, the food guy, or maybe the movie-buff gal. However, NOBODY wants to be the “bad breath guy”. Unfortunately, each and every one of us knows at least a few “bad breath guys”. First impressions are how a person remembers you, particularly if you have halitosis. An unpleasant first conversation can hurt first impressions with coworkers, employers, potential friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. Your entire social life can change drastically because your sulfur breath repels those you converse with.
  2. Pushing others away: No one wants to be in a conversation with someone who has bad breath. Halitosis can push people away and make them not want to be in a close proximity to you. If your bad breath is chronic, then friends may slowly drift away from you because they no longer want to hold conversations with you! Additionally, it is very difficult to know when you have bad breath. That means you must take the initiative and solve this problem, not wait for friends or family to bring it to your attention.

  3. Being Self-Conscious: A lot of people know that their oral hygiene is lacking and they pay an emotional and social price for it. Many people with bad breath are self-conscious about themselves and their seemingly unbeatable halitosis. Proper oral health provides benefits to you emotionally and others around you who have to smell your breath. It is better to solve the problem now rather than later before a further dip into a self-conscious state. With SmartMouth, there’s never a reason to feel self-conscious about your breath. Use any of SmartMouth’s oral rinses for a guaranteed 12-hour fix for bad breath. Rinse in the morning for no bad breath all day, and rinse before bed to wake up with no morning breath!

  4. Medical Issues: Bad breath sulfur gas in your mouth caused by bacteria consuming protein and releasing Volatile Sulfur Compounds. An excess in sulfur gas in the mouth causes halitosis. Sulfur also breaks down soft gum tissue, meaning the presence of sulfur gas contributes to gum disease and oral health issues. Halitosis can, in rarer situations, sometimes be a sign of more serious medical problems. This includes diabetes, heart disease, stomach problems and many more. Remember to always consult a doctor if you feel your breath is a result of serious illness.

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about all these troubling issues because there’s finally a real solution for eliminating* bad breath. SmartMouth uses a dual liquid, zinc ion activation technology. By using two solutions, the mouthwash is able to prevent bad breath for 12 hours with each rinse! This is due to the zinc binding to the bacteria in your mouth, preventing germs from producing sulfur.  SmartMouth is the only activated rinse clinically proven to eliminate AND prevent the return of bad breath gases.