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Dry Mouth & Your Oral Health

Most people have experienced dry mouth at least once in their lives, but many are not aware of the long-term impact it can have on your oral health. If you find yourself a frequent sufferer of dry mouth, it would be beneficial to contact your dentist to see what solutions there are to this uncomfortable problem. While having dry mouth can be annoying in general, it can lead to more serious dental and oral health issues in the long run. Treating dry mouth as it occurs and knowing how to prevent it is a great way to protect your teeth from tooth decay.

What’s the Problem with Dry Mouth?

That dry, cottonmouth feeling is likely because your salivary glands are not producing as much saliva as it usually does. This is referred to as Xerostomia or dry mouth. Since saliva is crucial to keeping your teeth healthy it is important to watch for the signs of dry mouth. While dry mouth may be thought of as only an irritation, more serious complications can arise if the problem is ignored.

How Saliva Impacts Your Oral Health

When eating, food debris is often left scattered throughout your mouth and teeth. Food debris impacts plaque, which will eventually lead to cavities and tooth decay. Saliva helps to wash your mouth of food and other harmful acids and bacteria that can seriously damage your teeth. A lack of saliva can also cause bad breath, which is a serious side effect in and of itself. This is because saliva helps control your mouths population of sulfur-producing bacteria. Bad breath can be eliminated* and prevented with SmartMouth oral rinses. SmartMouth utilizes a patented, two solution rinse that eliminates bad breath instantly and prevents bad breath from returning for 12 hours per rinse.

How Does Dry Mouth Affect Your Teeth?

When you have dry mouth your teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay. This is because saliva plays one of the most important roles in keeping your mouth clean. Your saliva flushes out germs and plaque that would otherwise stick to enamel. Insufficient saliva means your teeth are more vulnerable to attack. This lack of saliva also contributes to tartar formations.

How To Prevent Tooth Decay Caused by Dry Mouth?

An easy solution to dry mouth and tooth decay caused by dry mouth is SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth Rinse. SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth Rinse is clinically proven to eliminate dry mouth and prevent the return bad breath for 12 hours with each rinse. It’s the ONLY activated rinse that eliminates both problems at once! Regularly using this rinse will help prevent tooth decay by stopping dry mouth early on, ultimately bettering your oral health.

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