cure bad breath

Finding a Cure for Bad Breath

If you’ve been searching for a cure for bad breath, your search is over.

SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinse is as close to a cure for bad breath as you’ll find.

Most mouthwashes on the market today promise to kill germs and bacteria to fight bad breath. And they do. The trouble is killing germs is only part of the problem because they will return after an hour or two, and so does bad breath.

Killing germs is not enough. To get rid of bad breath forever, you’ll need something more.

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be brought on by many factors including what you eat, what you drink, even what medications you take. According to the Mayo Clinic, the list of things that can impact your breath is long: garlic, onions, cigars, cigarettes, coffee, dry mouth, post nasal drip, high protein diets, ketosis, allergies and much more. That’s the bad news. The good news is that SmartMouth blocks the real source of bad breath, regardless of why it arises.

The source is sulfur gas.

Although germs and bacteria play a large role in bad breath, the real cause is sulfur gas. In your mouth are naturally occurring bacteria that feed on protein. As they eat protein, they create waste byproducts known as volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs, which we perceive as bad breath.

To stop bad breath, and prevent it from coming back, you have to fight this stinky sulfur gas that’s produced in your mouth throughout the day. Rinsing with SmartMouth’s zinc ion-based formula blocks bacteria’s ability to ingest protein particles. It even gets down into the surfaces between teeth where VSCs hide, and toothbrushes can’t even find. With no protein particles to eat, there’s no new sulfur gas production. That means no more bad breath for 12 hours per rinse. Used twice a day as directed, it will effectively prevent sulfur gas from reproducing for a full 24 hours, which means a full day of neutral, natural breath.

Don’t settle for simply killing germs and bacteria. Use a scientifically proven and patented zinc ion technology to eliminate* the sulfur gas in your mouth. Try SmartMouth and see how 24 hours of fresh, clean breath. It’s as close to a cure as science allows!