medications cause dry mouth

Medications that Cause Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth can be a real nuisance. Not only does it make speaking, chewing and swallowing more difficult, it also causes bad breath. As people age, they tend to take more medication, and unfortunately, there are many medications that cause dry mouth.

With more than 400 commonly prescribed and over the counter drugs that impact salivary glands and reduce saliva, figuring out what medications cause dry mouth can be a helpful first step in addressing and alleviating the problem.

What Medications Can Cause Dry Mouth?

According to WebMD, some of the most popular prescription and OTC drugs are on the list of medicines that cause dry mouth, including those used to treat the following issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Allergies
  • Colds
  • Muscle pain

Although these may be the most common, there are many more medicines that cause dry mouth.

Help for Dry Mouth Caused by Medications

Dry mouth caused by medication can be temporary or chronic depending on usage patterns of the drug. Once the medication is stopped, the dry mouth should go away as well. For those who take medications long term, there are several ways to find help for dry mouth caused by medication.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Stop smoking or using tobacco products
  • Use sugar-free gum or mints
  • Breathe through the nose
  • Increase home humidity levels
  • Use an oral rinse or saliva replacement to moisturize the mouth

Fight Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

While there are many mouthwashes, gums, and mints that can be used to get relief from dry mouth caused by medication, there’s only one brand that moisturizes and more. SmartMouth Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse not only moistens and soothes a dry mouth, but it provides 24-hour bad breath protection.

Bad breath is a common side effect of dry mouth. That’s because the real cause of bad breath is sulfur gas that’s created when bacteria in the mouth eat protein particles. Normal salivation can help control the bacteria, but in those who have dry mouth, the bacteria remains and grows, and more sulfur gas is produced.

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Formula is different from other dry mouth rinses because it uses patented zinc ion technology to eliminate* sulfur gas and block it from coming back for up to 12 hours. Used twice a day it provides 24-hour clean, fresh breath.

No other dry mouth treatment can both moisturize and prevent bad breath. Only SmartMouth provides a one-two punch to knock out dry mouth and bad breath forever!

Where to Get SmartMouth Products

SmartMouth Oral Rinses come in three formulas: Original, Dry Mouth and Clinical DDS. They can be found at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Albertsons, Publix and most drug and grocery stores.

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Mints can help keep your mouth moisturized and your breath clean when you’re on the go and are a great compliment to the Dry Mouth Rinse. Purchases them at many Walmart stores and on Amazon.

Don’t let dry mouth turn into bad breath. Try SmartMouth today to see how you can get help for dry mouth caused by medication and have fresh, clean breath all day.