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News Flash: Minty Masks Can’t Stop Bad Breath

Is it possible to stop bad breath with a minty masking rinse? No, and in many cases they can provide food to oral bacteria resulting in even more bad breath down the road. If you worry about bad breath, maybe you use mouthwash every morning in an effort to get fresh, clean breath. That’s a great start, but how’s your breath at 10am? What about 3pm? Still good? Are you sure?

Just because you had minty breath at 8am doesn’t mean it’s fresh even just an hour later, much less all day. Think about it, the overpowering minty feeling from typical mouthwash may make your mouth feel fresh, but it doesn’t last very long. It only masks bad breath for a short time.

But here’s the thing, fresh breath shouldn’t have to be minty!

Fresh breath should be, well, natural. After the mint or medicine flavor wears off, you should have regular, natural, clean and fresh breath.

If you want to have clean, fresh breath all day long, you have to stop bad breath, but more importantly, you have to prevent it from coming back. And you can. For 24 hours. Guaranteed. How? Keep reading to find out.

So what really causes bad breath? Here’s a hint: It’s not food, or germs, but sulfur gas! Bad breath, or halitosis, originates when naturally occurring germs in the mouth consume protein in saliva and in the process produce foul-smelling sulfur gas. To stop bad breath, you have to stop sulfur gas, and that’s just what SmartMouth Oral Rinse does.

The secret to SmartMouth Oral Rinse is its two-liquid formula. When mixed together, the Sulfur Eliminating Solution and the Zinc Activating Solution activate millions of zinc ions that neutralize sulfur gas and prevent it from returning for 12 hours per rinse. Used in the morning and at night, SmartMouth Oral Rinse provides clean, fresh breath for a full 24 hours, morning breath included.

SmartMouth may not be the mintiest flavored rinse, but it’s the only one that actually stops and prevents bad breath from coming back for a full 24 hours.

Don’t settle for the minty taste of typical mouthwash. Get real fresh, clean breath all day long with SmartMouth Oral Rinse. Use it twice a day and you’ll never have bad breath. Guaranteed. Find it today at your local drugstore or supermarket or on Amazon.