tell a friend bad breath

How Should You Tell A Friend He or She Has Bad Breath?

Everyone knows what it’s like to have bad breath, but having to deal with someone else’s can be the absolute worst. Telling anyone they have stinky breath is often embarrassing for both parties involved and just downright awkward. Bad breath can come from eating strong food such as onions, garlic,  or perhaps just too much coffee that day. What do you do, however, when this bad breath becomes a chronic occurrence? Many who suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath, have entirely given up on a solution. Just because mint-juice and alcohol-based rinses are ineffective, doesn’t mean that no real solution exists!

Don’t assume that everyone with chronic bad breath is suffering due to lack of oral hygiene. Many with halitosis brush regularly and visit their dentist every 6 months. Some cases of halitosis are due to health-related problems, including liver problems and diabetes. The first step to helping a friend, coworker, or a loved one overcome their bad breath is to drop subtle hints. Some choose to offer gum as a helpful hint. However, gum is not actually a solution for bad breath. It will briefly give the user a minty mask then quickly return to full-on bad breath. Try offering your friend or partner a SmartMouth Single Use pack. Unlike gum or mints, it actually eliminates* and prevents the return of bad breath all day. Unfortunately, if the person doesn’t take the hint by now then they probably won’t get it on their own. This is where things could start to get a bit uncomfortable.

How to tell someone they have bad breath:

  1. Pull them aside and make sure nobody else can hear
  2. Be gentle, but still direct
  3. Use phrases like “I noticed” or “I had this problem too”
  4. Be relatable to help reduce the embarrassment
  5. Suggest oral health care products that are clinically proven to eliminate and prevent bad breath, such as SmartMouth oral rinse.

With a little bit of luck and a pinch of SmartMouth, it’s possible to confront a friend or partner about their problem without being offensive. He or she may be slightly embarrassed at first, but he or she will be very thankful in the long run. Bad breath may be an embarrassing problem, but there’s no reason not to break the news gently and respectfully.