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Fresh Breath on the Go with Travel Size Mouthwash

Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye With This Travel Size Mouthwash 

Picture this, you’re lounging by a beautiful poolside bar at the resort of your dreams. An umbrella-cocktail in one hand, soaking in the rays. When suddenly, the dreamy resort waiter makes his way over and asks if you’d like to accompany him to dinner.

You try to answer, yes, and come back with something witty, but immediately, his face changes. A bit of surprise, some horror, and then you realize, the aggressive TSA woman at the airport took your travel mouthwash and dental-travel pack when you were going through security.

Looks like that toothbrush and toothpaste you bought at the resort’s lobby-shop isn’t making a dent in that coffee and avocado toast you ate this morning.

Unfortunately, your bad breath just squashed this vacay romance before it even started.

Now, daydream aside, that’s just one of the many examples of how bad breath or halitosis can put a damper on your travels.

If you’ve ever experienced a similar situation you might be wondering, how can I stop bad breath?

Introducing the Best Way to Avoid Bad Breath – Even When You’re Traveling
Whether you’re going out of town on vacation or looking for a way to freshen your breath after working out at the gym or at the office, SmartMouth’s new convenience packs are here to eliminate any bad breath or halitosis.

SmartMouth’s Convenience Packs make it easy to get fresh breath on the go.

The TSA-approved travel size mouthwash pack works just like the Original SmartMouth Solution with our dual-pour bottle and provides a one-week supply of SmartMouth oral rinse.

Best of all, they easily fit in your purse, suitcase, pocket or glove box, so you’ll never have bad breath, no matter where you go.

We all know, during times of travel it’s completely normal to overindulge in what you eat and drink. But that doesn’t mean your dental care has to fall by the wayside. If you do partake in the typical vacation binge eating or drinking, make sure to:

  • Watch out for sugar-filled substances
  • Follow up with a quick tooth brushing to remove the food particles from your teeth
  • Floss after every meal

Although those three points will do their best to give you fresh breath on the go, there’s one tactic we suggest that is guaranteed to give long lasting fresh breath.
So, How Do You Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good?

To answer this question, you must get to the real source of bad breath – sulfur gas. You’ve no doubt heard that bad breath is caused by germs and bacteria in the mouth. That’s the conventional wisdom, and it’s true, at least partially.

Everyone has naturally occurring germs and bacteria in their mouth. But, the stinky odor that we perceive as bad breath is actually volatile sulfur compounds, or VSCs, that are emitted when bacteria consume protein.

The Key: Stop sulfur gas with zinc ions and you’ll stop bad breath
If you’ve been researching how to get rid of bad breath, then you might have heard something about zinc and its positive attributes. Zinc is in everything from vitamins to cold remedies.

Well, only SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinse features patented zinc ion technology that’s clinically proven to prevent sulfur gas, resulting in fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinse is different from most mouthwashes and other bad breath remedies. Unlike ordinary mouthwashes, SmartMouth has two liquids in one bottle: The Sulfur Eliminating* Solution and the zinc-rich Activating Solution.

When you pour SmartMouth, the two liquids combine setting off a chemical reaction, releasing millions of zinc ions.

These little ions don’t kill bacteria, but instead, they go to work eliminating sulfur gas and preventing bacteria from producing more sulfur gas.

No sulfur gas = no bad breath.

The best part, SmartMouth works for 12 hours per rinse. Rinsing once in the morning and again before bed means no bad breath for a full 24 hours. It even eliminates morning breath!

Travel with SmartMouth and leave bad breath at home.

Because of its unique two-liquid formula, it used to be difficult to travel with SmartMouth. The bottle was bulky and didn’t conform to TSA rules and regulations. But no more!

With two, 3.3 oz. packets of travel mouthwash, one of each solution, and a rinse cup packed into a travel-friendly clamshell package, it’s now easy to take SmartMouth with you wherever you go.

If used correctly, you’ll never have to worry about bad breath, even on vacation. Each convenience pack has a one-week supply, and it’s TSA-approved so you can pack your travel mouthwash in your carry-on bag.

Summer is just around the corner. So, before you do some traveling, make sure you cover all the bases and stay on top of your daily oral health routine.
Here’s what the Oral Experts at SmartMouth suggest packing when traveling to help fight against bad breath:

It’s easy to forget these things when you’re rushing out the door to good times, so you’ll be happy you planned ahead and don’t have to run to the store, or worse, go without. 

SmartMouth Travel Mouthwash Is Great for:

  • Vacation
  • Business trips
  • Keeping at the gym or at work

You’ll find most SmartMouth product lines available in the oral health care aisle of your local CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart superstores. Pick some up today and get ready for fresh breath no matter what adventures may come your way.
The SmartMouth Oral Care Experts also suggest traveling with SmartMouth Premium Toothpaste. The zinc ion technology introduces health promoting zinc ions that are sub-gingival, meaning they can reach the difficult area between your gums and teeth.

Just like our travel size mouthwash, SmartMouth’s Premium Toothpaste uses zinc ion technology in conjunction with other premium features to provide enamel strengthening, anti-plaque, anti-cavity, sensitive whitening and elite oral health protection, all with a mild mint flavor and no funky aftertaste.

For best results, use with any SmartMouth Oral Rinse for 24-hour bad breath prevention with twice daily use. For the most complete dental care available, we invite you to sample our full line of zinc ion products featured below:

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*Results may vary. 24-hour bad breath protection results associated with twice daily use. SmartMouth products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All SmartMouth products come with our guarantee that SmartMouth works exactly as described or your money back. Always consult your oral healthcare professional.