Notice the SmartMouth Difference

Bad breath is caused by sulfur gas. See how SmartMouth eliminates and blocks smelly sulfur gas for 24 hours.

The Bad Breath Diaries

The first step towards overcoming bad breath is recognizing you have an issue. Don’t be embarrassed by your bad breath, get smart with SmartMouth. Learn how you can prevent bad breath for a full 24 hours.

What Causes Bad Breath?

The real cause of bad breath is actually sulfur gas produced by bacteria in the mouth. Discover how SmartMouth eliminates and blocks sulfur gas for a full 24 hours. Never have bad breath again!

No Sulfur Gas, No Bad Breath

Patients frequently come to me with a pretty personal question. Is there any way to truly eliminate embarrassing bad breath and prevent it from returning? That’s when I tell them about SmartMouth.

The ONLY 24-hour Bad Breath Mouthwash

SmartMouth prevents and eliminates bad breath because our activated mouthwash neutralizes the real source of bad breath, sulfur gas. See how you can be bad breath free.

Introducing New Premium Toothpaste

Our new premium zinc ion toothpaste is a different kind of clean feel that lasts. Find the toothpaste right next to all the other SmartMouth products at a Walgreens or Walmart near you.

What People Are Saying About SmartMouth

It really works. You can feel the difference. Make sure you swish it around and get it to the back of your throat. Keep it in your mouth for a good 30 seconds or so and you will feel the difference from other mouthwashes.



This stuff is amazing and I love it! I will never buy another alcohol based mouthwash again. It really does keep your breath smelling sweet for the whole day.



I love SmartMouth and have been using it for years. As a cigar smoker, it’s important to know that this fantastic mouthwash exists. Now they’ve improved their dispensing system. Awesome family owned company, which I love supporting.



You win… I tried to not have fresh breath after rinsing with SmartMouth by eating garlic, onions, fermented beans, pepperoni, and coffee. But my breath was fresh again after an hour of eating those things. I am a fan for life.



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