Eliminate & Prevent Sulfur Gas, Never Have Bad Breath Again

SmartMouth™ is THE Mouthwash for Bad Breath

Over the last decade, SmartMouth™ has been making bad breath a thing of the past. Every oral care solution is packed with innovative science to stop bad breath at its source and prevent it from coming back so you can get closer to the ones you love.

A Bottle of SmartMouth Original Zinc Activated Breath Rinse

1. Bottle Design: It may look quirky, but the patented SmartMouth™ dual chamber bottle is scientifically designed to harness the power of both bad breath fighting solutions, which combine to unleash the power of zinc ion activation every time you pour.

2. The Sulfur Eliminating Solution: The Sulfur Eliminating liquid destroys any existing bad breath in your mouth.

3. The Zinc Rich Solution: The Zinc Ion liquid activates when poured, releasing billions of zinc ions that bond to the germs in your mouth, stopping the return of bad breath for 12 hours with every rinse.

  • Tear along the perforated seam.
  • Peel off the foil and discard the green safety seal.
  • Pop off the cap – it’s your mixing cup!
  • Pour until you’ve filled to the line.
  • Use immediately after pouring while the liquid is still green.
  • Swish, gargle, then spit, and enjoy 12-hour fresh breath!
Solutions being poured into cup

This is Where the Magic Happens

  • As both solutions come together inside the mixing cup, a chemical reaction occurs that releases billions of bad breath eliminating zinc ions.
  • These activated zinc ions are the key to 24-hour bad breath prevention and the reason why SmartMouth™ is the mouthwash for bad breath.
  • The zinc ions stop bad breath at the source and prevent odors from returning by halting the production of sulfur gas by the germs in your mouth.
SmartMouth prevents germs from eating protein and causing bad breath

Germs, Meet SmartMouth™

  • When germs eat protein particles they produce sulfur gas.
  • Sulfur gas is the real cause of bad breath!
  • If the bacteria can’t eat protein? No new sulfur gas is created.
  • No sulfur gas equals no bad breath and a more confident you.
  • Discover more about how SmartMouth™ works!

SmartMouth™ Products Put a Stop to Bad Breath

Every SmartMouth™ oral rinse eliminates sulfur gas and prevents bad breath from returning for 12 hours per rinse. Each SmartMouth™ product, whether mouthwash, mints, or toothpaste, utilizes the power of zinc to promote a healthy mouth free from bad breath.

The Latest from SmartMouth™

SmartMouth™ Clinical DDS Oral Rinse is as Effective as the Leading Prescription

SmartMouth™ Clinical DDS Advanced Oral Rinse was compared to 0.12% chlorhexidine mouth rinse in a six-week study. The clinical study revealed that SmartMouth™ Clinical DDS oral rinse was as effective as, or performed better than, 0.12% chlorhexidine mouth rinse in several key areas.

What Professionals Say About SmartMouth™

“If you’re serious about eliminating and preventing bad breath, nothing works better than SmartMouth’s activated zinc ion technology.”

  • Elizabeth Clary, DMD

“I’m a dietician in the radiation oncology department at a prominent health system. One of our patients informed me she was using this product and it has helped her greatly.”

  • A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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