Opening and Pouring Your SmartMouth™ Bottle

  • Tear along the perforated seam.
  • Peel off the foil and discard the green safety seal.
  • Pop off the cap – it’s your mixing cup!
  • Pour until you’ve filled to the line.
  • Use immediately after pouring while the liquid is still green.
  • Swish, gargle, then spit, and enjoy 12-hour fresh breath!

Why isn’t my SmartMouth™ bottle pouring properly?

As with many products that use safety seals, it is important to ensure that none of the sealing material remains behind after opening. From time to time, during transportation, air bubbles can get trapped in the components of the bottle preventing products from pouring correctly. One trick I use is to blow into the four openings on top of the bottle after the first opening to ensure the safety seal (foil below the plastic green protector) has been fully removed before snapping on the pour spout.

Tear away and remove plastic wrapping at perforation to expose the top.
Remove the top to expose the green cap and foil seal.
Remove the green cover and foil seal to expose the four chamber holes.
Inspect the chambers holes for obstructions then blow into them to remove air pockets or bubbles
Replace top by placing it on top of the bottle and firmly pushing down until it snaps in place.
You are now ready to enjoy the clean breath benefits of SmartMouth!
Pour to the line and enjoy twice daily!

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