does mouthwash work

Does Mouthwash Really Work?

When you wake up in the morning, you go through your morning routine. Shower, eat breakfast and brush and floss your teeth. But what most people don’t do on a daily basis is use mouthwash. Why do people skip out on a breath freshener in the morning? The reason could be attributed to a poor experience with mouthwash in the past. Specifically, mouthwashes that didn’t work at all. Let’s take a look at why most mouthwashes don’t work and which ones you should be incorporating into your morning routine.

Masking Agents:

Some mouthwashes attempt to freshen your breath by just covering up bad breath. However, it’s still there, hiding underneath a faint hint of mint, cinnamon or any other flavor. You may have yourself convinced due to nose-blindness, but anyone you speak with is smelling bad breath, not clean mint. However, this mask fades away after an hour at most. The scent that doesn’t fade away is the bad breath. The thing you were trying to cure in the first place! A mask isn’t attempting to stop the bad breath at its roots at all. This should be the type of mouthwash you avoid at all costs.

Alcoholic Germ-Killers:

At first glance, you might read something like “germ-killing” or “kills 99% of germs” on a bottle of mouthwash and think you have found the perfect solution to your bad breath! Unfortunately, these mouthwashes can’t eliminate* bad breath for longer than 30 to 60 minutes. These rinses tell you that germs are the sole cause of bad breath. However, it’s not the germs themselves that cause bad breath, it’s the sulfur gas that the germs produce.

Natural oral bacteria consume protein then give of volatile sulfur compounds as waste. These volatile sulfur compounds are more simply called sulfur gas. Just killing germs is ineffective because the bacteria will just reproduce in an hour or two. To get rid of bad breath you need to prevent bacteria from consuming protein. If bacteria can’t consume protein, they cannot produce sulfur gas. Unfortunately, alcoholic germ-killers can’t deliver these results.

The Best Solution:

The only activated mouthwash to specifically go after the sulfur gas that you are smelling is SmartMouth Oral Rinse. SmartMouth is the only activated mouthwash that uses zinc ion technology to prevent germs from eating protein, which stops bacteria from produce sulfur gas.

When the two SmartMouth liquids combine, it activates billions of zinc ions. These zinc ions are searching for something to bond with in your mouth. And what do they bond to? Germs’ protein receptors. With the zinc bound to bacterial protein receptors, there’s no way for these germs to produce sulfur gas. With each use of SmartMouth, bad breath will not return for 12 hours. 

If you use SmartMouth once in the morning, and another time before you go to bed, you will never have bad breath again for the rest of your life!