stop bad breath

How To Make Your Breath Smell Good

Bad breath is a problem that impacts 100% of the population at some point in his or her life. It is caused by oral bacteria consuming protein in the mouth and giving off foul-smelling sulfur gas (VSCs) as a waste product. It’s estimated that 20-25% of American adults suffer from halitosis, otherwise known as chronic bad breath. Many of these individuals have entirely given up on finding a cure since most oral rinses don’t offer a true solution to the root cause of bad breath: sulfur gas. Some attempt to utilize foods that make your breath smell good, like gum or mints. However, this is a temporary and only partially effective tactic. Super minty rinses and mints are meant to convince the user that his or her breath is fresh. Unfortunately, these approaches don’t actually do anything to eliminate* or block volatile sulfur compounds.

What Can Be Done To Improve Breath Quality Long Term?

  1. Maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing twice per day, flossing regularly, and tongue scraping. Many diseases begin in the mouth, so it’s important to set a baseline expectation of cleanliness for your mouth. Very few use tongue scrapers, yet it’s a simple and quick way to remove biofilms located at the back of the tongue. These biofilms cannot be penetrated by alcohol and contain the overwhelming majority of sulfur-producing bacteria.
  2. Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is essential for overall wellness and oral health specifically. Do you have dry mouth? Then you already have bad breath! Age, medications, lifestyle choice, diet, or a number of other factors cause dry mouth. SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth Relief rinse utilizes Moisture-Lock Technology to instantly eliminate dry mouth symptoms. SmartMouth’s patented breath technology also blocks the return of bad breath for 24 hours with just two rinses per day. Don’t settle for eliminating just one problem, fix your dry mouth AND bad breath all at once!
  3. Use a third generation oral rinse. Alcohol-based rinses and overwhelming “mint-juices” comprise Generation 1. These ‘old-school’ rinses attempt to kill germs or mask odors, but does nothing to truly eliminate bad breath. Generation 2 oral rinses are primarily Oxidizers. This means that they can eliminate existing bad breath, but are totally incapable of preventing bad breath longer than an hour. Generation 3 is embodied in SmartMouth. SmartMouth’s dual-sided bottle keeps the two liquids separate until the moment you use it. SmartMouth liquid 1 is an Oxidizer, meaning it eliminates existing bad breath. SmartMouth liquid 2 is a Zinc-Ion activator. When these liquids combine, it releases billions of Zinc-Ions that bind to oral bacteria. These Zinc-Ions prevent bacteria from consuming protein or being able to produce sulfur gas for 12 full hours.

No sulfur gas? No bad breath!