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Real SmartMouth Reviews Reveal what Users Really Think

When you really want to know how well a product works, what do you do? You check the reviews! SmartMouth Oral Rinses feature zinc ion technology to stop and block sulfur gas, the real source of bad breath, to provide fresh, clean breath for 24 hours. That’s some claim, but do real users agree? See for yourself with these real SmartMouth reviews, from verified purchasers.

Recommended by my dentist …

Here’s what Weezy had to say about SmartMouth:

“Wow! This was recommended by my dentist and it really works!! It does not burn but keeps breath fresh in spite of the coffee!”

I was skeptical …

EricW_UT said this about our oral rinse:

“I was skeptical that this could work for the time advertised, yet it actually does work.”

Has become a lifesaver …

Here’s another SmartMouth review from J Smythe, who bought the product for his wife and has been extremely pleased with the result.

“My wife would kill me if she ever read this review, but I felt I needed to let everyone else know about this product. 🙂

I can honestly say my wife is smoking hot, but I feel the good Lord gave her one challenge in her life so she didn’t become arrogant and self-centered. She does not have good breath, no real way to sugarcoat it. She brushes her teeth many times throughout the day and either has gum in her mouth or tries Listerine strips so she does not offend people.

I got this product for her almost as a joke as we had laughed about seeing the commercials on TV. I thought it might just be a gimmick and wouldn’t work but should be fun for a laugh. To our honest amazement, this product has completely and I mean completely taken care of her bad breath issue! What started out as a joke has become a lifesaver for her. Seeing her finally find a way to take care of her bad breath gave me a glimpse into the embarrassment that she has suffered for most of her 37 years.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone will care and nobody that reads this really has any reason to trust me, but I hope anyone with a bad breath issue will just give this a chance. I promise you will not be disappointed!

And a shout out thank you to the people that came up with this product!”

Well, J Smythe, you’re welcome! We are thrilled SmartMouth could help solve your wife’s bad breath.

SmartMouth works – try it today!

As these and many other reviews can attest, SmartMouth really does work! If you want to get rid of bad breath for a full 24 hours – even morning breath – try SmartMouth today. You can buy it now on Amazon or find it in the oral care aisle of your favorite pharmacy or supercenter. The tell us how you liked it by writing your own SmartMouth review.