Dry Mouth Special Offer

Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse

With Moisture-Lock Technology™

SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse soothes and moisturizes with Moisture-Lock technology AND contains Smart-Zinc to eliminate* bad breath while keeping it from coming back for a full 12 hours per rinse. Dry mouth symptoms are unpleasant, sticky, and a very common side effect of many medications. Dry mouth also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to produce foul-smelling sulfur gas. SmartMouth’s Dry Mouth formula combines dry mouth relief and bad breath prevention in a never-before-seen way. Stop dealing with bad breath and uncomfortable dry mouth!

Never have bad breath AND relieve dry mouth symptoms.

Available at most CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Kmart, Kroger, H-E-B and Albertsons stores.
(Some availability at other retailers nationwide).

Dry Mouth Moisturizing Mints

With Zinc & Xylitol

SmartMouth Dry Mouth Moisturizing Mints eliminate dry mouth, protect your breath, and provide a soothing, moisturizing sensation any time of day.

  • Soothing moisture for dry mouth
  • Invigorating burst of flavor
  • Freshens breath with zinc ion technology

For best results, use with SmartMouth Dry Mouth Activated Oral Rinse for 24 hour bad breath prevention with twice daily use.

This product is available in select Walmart stores.
(Some availability at other retailers nationwide).