SmartMouth Single Use Travel Packs

The best way to get rid of bad breath, wherever you go.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret … our regular SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinses can be hard to travel with. What you might not know is there is actually a reason why, and it’s the same reason our SmartMouth products really work to get rid of bad breath forever when used twice daily.

The science behind SmartMouth’s bad breath protection

It’s because of science. Yes, you read that right. Our products can be tricky to travel with because of the amazing science behind them. All SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinses feature our patented two-liquid formula that fights sulfur gas, the real cause of bad breath. If it sounds different than other mouthwashes, that’s because it is. Most mouthwashes have one liquid, which makes them easy to transport, but also means you’re missing out on the key to bad breath prevention, zinc ion technology.

SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinses have two important solutions:  the Sulfur Eliminating Solution and the Activating Solution. When mixed together, these two solutions activate and release billions of zinc ions that work on naturally occurring germs and bacteria in the mouth to stop them from consuming protein, which also stops the production of sulfur and bad breath gases for 12 hours per rinse.

While single liquid mouthwashes may get rid of bad breath briefly, it will come back, usually within an hour or two. The zinc ions produced by activating SmartMouth’s dual liquid formula will get rid of bad breath and keep it from coming back all day long. However, to get the maximum benefit from the zinc ions, the two solutions must be kept separate until right before use. That’s why our products feature a dual spout bottle design, which keeps the liquids separate until ready to use.

The incredible 24-hour bad breath protection of the zinc ions makes the challenge to keep them separate worthwhile. Otherwise, you’ll have just a regular mouthwash that’s effective for about an hour. Our patented two liquid formula with zinc ions is different because it really works to get rid of bad breath forever.

Never have bad breath

We know you want to have 24-hour bad breath protection no matter where you go, so we created travel packs that make it easy for you to take SmartMouth with you on the road. Simply tear off the top and mix the two solutions together in your mouth to release the zinc ions and get rid of bad breath for 24 hours. Take them with you when you travel, or keep them in your car, your purse or your desk so you can always have fresh clean breath. SmartMouth travel packs make it easy!

Where to buy SmartMouth Travel Packs

SmartMouth Travel Packs are available at some Walgreens, Harmon’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Schnucks and Dierbergs locations. You can also buy them now at