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What Are Activated Rinses and Mouthwashes?

SmartMouth mouthwash is unlike any other oral rinse that has ever been available over the counter. Unlike old-fashioned “mint-juice” or alcohol-based rinses, SmartMouth doesn’t just mask your bad breath. SmartMouth eliminates* and blocks the real cause of bad breath: Sulfur gas. Oral bacteria are responsible for producing these sulfur gases. Germs consume protein available in your mouth, from food, dead skin cells, or other sources. After digesting this protein, oral bacteria give off smelly VSCs (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) as waste. These VSCs, also known as sulfur gases, are the true culprit behind bad breath.

The question remains as to how SmartMouth’s technology succeeds where other oral rinses fail.

SmartMouth’s Activated Rinse and Mouthwash

SmartMouth is known for its dual solution design. SmartMouth’s patented, two liquid technology is the reason SmartMouth is able to achieve such an incredible result. The left side of each bottle of SmartMouth contains a clear oxidizer which eliminates existing bad breath instantly. The right side of the bottle contains a green, zinc ion activator. The solutions are kept separate until poured into the cup just prior to use. When poured, the two solutions activate. The oxidizer gets rid of bad breath while the zinc ions bind to bacteria, preventing the consumption of protein. If oral bacteria can’t consume protein, they are unable to produce sulfur gases (VSCs).

No sulfur gas? No bad breath!

SmartMouth’s zinc ion activation prevents bacteria from consuming protein for 12 hours per rinse. SmartMouth eliminates bad breath AND blocks it from returning all day: GUARANTEED!

Rinse in the morning for no bad breath all day, and rinse before bed to avoid morning breath!

We all know that alcohol-based rinses and minty coverups don’t actually eliminate bad breath. In fact, alcohol dries the mouth and coverups can provide more food for bacteria. In other words, these “solutions” can actually make breath worse!

Rinses that have oxidizing agents can eliminate existing bad breath. However, bad breath will return in just an hour. It’s SmartMouth’s true activated technology that allows it to be at the forefront of the battle against bad breath.